The Director-General of Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, (GCAA) Egbert Field has been tasked with the responsibility of reaching out to the management of Eastern Airline and Fly Jamaica. This is specifically so he can receive an update on the impending refund due to Guyanese passengers.

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill instructed Fields to do so today as his ministry met with travel agents at the Arthur Chung Conference Center.

The outstanding refund to passengers was one of the concerns raised by travel agents. They told Minister Edghill that the failure by the airlines to issue a refund has been causing distrust to fester. “Some of the passengers believe that monies were released but we are yet to distribute it to them.”

The agents requested that Edghill issue a public statement so that passengers can be made aware that refunds are yet to be issued.

Minister Edghill responded, “I will do better than that.”

He then instructed the Director-General to write both airlines enquiring about the refund. Edghill said that it must be noted in the letter that a response is expected within two weeks.

Minister Edghill said that that response must be issued to the agents and made public.

Also, it was highlighted that Eastern Airline had promised to give travel agents commission for tickets sold but have not done so to date.


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