Dear Editor,
The Israeli Prime Minister and his defense Minister should be tried for crimes against humanity for the Holocaust that is taking place in the Gaza.

This latest genocide is taking place because Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet were just about to be thrown out of Government, having failed to form a government after the last elections in Israel.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The leader of the Opposition was asked to put together a coalition. He was doing this and included, for the first time in Israeli’s 73 years history, an Arab party in the coalition.

It was at this point that the latest provocation against the Palestinian people took place.

The two incidents that sparked this was the forceful eviction of Palestinians living in East Jerusalem from their homes by Israeli forces. The second incident coming just at the closing of the month of Ramadan, the holiest month for Muslims was the expulsion of worshippers from the Al Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu was deliberately provoking the Palestinians to get a reaction so that he could unleash the murderous violence on the poor unarmed people.

By doing so he has evoked nationalist sentiments of the Jews and portraying himself as a champion of the Israeli people. That would have the effect of stalling the formation of a new coalition government to remove him as prime minister.

Indeed, he is probably hoping that he would be in a better position to put together a location to keep himself as leader of Israel.

This is important for Netanyahu for another personal reason. He is facing the court on corruption charges. If he is convicted then he can end up in prison. The only way he can avoid facing the court is if he remains the Prime Minister of Israel.

Netanyahu is therefore prolonging this bombing on the pretext that he wants to stop the primitive rockets that are being fired from the Gaza in self-defense.

He knows too that he has the support of the United States who keeps supplying him with more sophisticated weapons. At this moment, the U.S is sending US$735 million in weapons to Netanyahu.

While he continues to murder innocent civilians including a large number of women and children, the US is protecting him diplomatically, politically, and of course militarily.

This is all that matters to him. He knows that with US support he can violate UN resolutions and murder Arabs as much as he wants and he would remain untouchable.

The US support has given the Israeli regime a carte blanche to do as it pleases. It can bomb people in Syria, Iran, and almost anywhere in the Middle East because no one wants to confront the military might of the United States.

However, Israeli’s actions amount to crimes against humanity that were coldly planned from the very beginning to kill Palestinians as a means of whipping up political support to stay in power.

This is cold-blooded murder and Netanyahu should face the International Criminal Court. But instead, he will continue the holocaust in Israel.

Yours respectfully,
Donald Ramotar
Former President


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