Police are investigating the shooting of 24-year-old Flavian James yesterday at the Tan Yuan Meng Supermarket located at 13th Street Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

Enquiries revealed that Security Guard, Carlos Pollydore was on duty at the supermarket when James and his friends arrived at the establishment and began imbibing. While there, it is alleged that the victim jumped in and out of customers’ vehicles while they were making purchases.

As a result, the security guard warned the victim to desist, but James got annoyed and allegedly broke a Guinness bottle while advancing toward the security guard. Pollydore told police that he warned James several times, but he continued to approach him with the broken bottle. The guard eventually shot James once to his left leg above the knee.

The police were summoned and escorted the victim to the Diamond Hospital.

Another police patrol arrested the security guard and took possession of his firearm which is an AR RIFLE along with 13 live rounds of ammunition and one spent shell. He was taken to the Golden Grove Station and placed into custody. The weapon and rounds were lodged.

Upon arrival at the Diamond Diagnostic Hospital, contact was made with the attending physician who related that the warhead entered the front of the left leg just above the knee and exited behind the left knee.

Flavin James’ condition is listed as critical and he has been transferred to a city hospital.


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