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The Private Sector Commission (PSC) notes with concern the continuous rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths which continue to endanger the lives and threaten the economic welfare of all citizens of Guyana.

With more than 210,777 persons administered with the first dose of the vaccine, the PSC takes this opportunity to fully support the Government through the Ministry of Health in its national vaccination program and encourages every adult citizen to be vaccinated.

Likewise, the PSC urges the business community to do their part in actively encouraging their employees to be vaccinated to ensure the health and safety of all at work. While vaccination is not mandatory in Guyana, it is a critically important public health measure in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and it is, therefore, imperative for every citizen eighteen years and over to be vaccinated. Employers must continue to educate their employees on the need to be vaccinated. The Ministry of Health is ready to provide full support to employers who may require assistance in providing information to their employees and in arranging for their vaccination.

The PSC notes instances of deliberate misrepresentation and myths targeted at the vaccination rollout in the form of conspiracy theories and fake stories. With more than 43% of Guyana’s population vaccinated, there has been no adverse effect caused by the injections. Minor side effects such as a fever, chills, pain at the injection site are common side effects of any vaccine.

The Private Sector Commission continues to work closely with the Government, health authorities, and other stakeholders to assist in mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 on lives and businesses. In addition, the PSC and its member organizations have all contributed to several outreaches across Guyana.

We commend the Ministry of Health for its exemplary dedication and aggressive approach towards immunization and the achievement of herd immunity. The Private Sector Commission intends to continue to advocate for the best interest of all stakeholders, businesses, and people of our country.


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