The low vaccination rate in Region 10 is as a result of the citizens ‘not trusting’ the government, Opposition Parliamentarian, David Patterson told the House this afternoon when the National Assembly convened at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre (ACCC).

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony, since the vaccination programme began, has lamented the low vaccination rates in Regions Eight and 10. He referred to it as “vaccine hesitancy” and blamed it on ludicrous conspiracy theories. As of yesterday, Region 10’s rate was 13%, while Region Eight recorded a dismal 28.3%. All the other regions have registered upward of 40%, with Region Six recording 51.9%.

Patterson said that despite this ‘distrust’, the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) is willing to persuade the citizens in Regions 10 and Eight, while noting that the Opposition must be made part of COVID-related initiatives.

The government’s decision to not include the Opposition in COVID-19 response mechanisms, Patterson contends, has led to distrust.


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