Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony MP says the Ministry has been working with companies and organisations to get their employees vaccinated in the comfort of their working environment.

During today’s COVID-19 update, the Minister said workers should adhere to all preventative measures and be fully vaccinated to limit the spread of the disease in workplaces.

“So rather than them having the inconvenience of coming to one of our fixed sites, if they inform us, we will be able to bring a team to the worksite and do all the vaccinations there and if it’s the first dose we’ll come back and do the second dose as well,” Dr. Anthony said.

Minister Anthony said there may be some workplaces that fail to adhere to the guidelines, putting themselves and the public at risk. He said measures in place at workplaces will significantly reduce the risk of infection.

“There are many workplaces that still have not vaccinated or their employees have not been vaccinated and that will put the employees at risk, plus it would put the public that is coming in to do business with that particular workplace at risk as well.”

He said employers must ensure that workers on the site wear their masks correctly at all times.

“Because we know that from time-to-time people would pull down the mask and be talking to people. You have to wear it correctly and consistently and of course maintain social distancing, sanitising, and so forth” Minister Anthony said.

Several COVID-19 hotlines have also been established, these are managed and used to call vaccinated persons to see whether or not they have developed any reactions. Open hotlines are also available to persons for anything Covid-related. (Extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information)


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