President, Dr. Irfaan Ali says that public servants, including teachers, will benefit from salary increases before the end of the year.

“Let me assure you: public servants will receive salary increase before the year, and it will be retroactive. So, let me be clear on that,” he said during a press conference today.

President Ali said that his government is not only interested in salary increases, but is also committed to bettering the lives of public servants on all fronts.

“We’re looking at the mechanism that would allow all public servants to own their home. They also benefitted from the help with the COVID cash grant. We want to empower public servants so that their children, too, can benefit from the scholarship programme, many of whom are already benefitting. The public servants, themselves, are benefitting…The tax waivers and tax reversals on VAT – all of us benefit including the public servants. So, it’s a holistic approach to the improvement of life and livelihoods. It is not just a narrow window of salary,” he said.


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