President, Dr. Irfaan Ali said today that the country cannot risk exposing children to COVID-19 from unvaccinated teachers, thereby hinting that mandatory inoculation of educators is likely to surface in the coming weeks as government eyes the reopening of learning institutions for the new academic year in September.

“I think teachers have the greatest responsibility to lead, and I’m hoping that they provide that leadership and that they get vaccinated. We surely cannot expose the children to unvaccinated teachers, and I’m sure that the teachers are responsible enough to understand this and understand the importance of vaccination,” he said.

Vaccination in Guyana, however, remains optional despite the imposition of vaccine requirements for persons visiting ministries and government agencies. Public transportation operators are also required to take the jab, while casino operators and cinemas are only allowed to admit persons fully vaccinated.

The president also reiterated his commitment to acquiring Pfizer vaccines for children.

“I’ve already made it clear that we’re pursuing the Pfizer vaccines and when that comes, it would be made available to children and once it’s available to children, we expect them to take it beginning with the older children.”

Vaccinated persons can still contract COVID-19 but are likely to experience a milder form of the virus, thereby reducing the possibility of hospitalization and death.


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