Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony said today that his ministry is in receipt of reports alleging that persons are selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards within the country. He made this disclosure today, during his daily COVID-19 update.

He reminded that forgery is a criminal offence under Section 240 of the Criminal Offences Act, Chapter 81, and that persons found guilty of committing this offence, can get up to three years imprisonment.

“Forgery is an offence, and you can be prosecuted for forgery, and the fine – if you’re found guilty of forgery – would be up to three years imprisonment. And if you forge a vaccination card, you’ll be liable to this type of punishment if caught. So, I want to encourage people to desist from such practices, because when we catch you, you’re going to feel the full brunt of the law. So that goes for the people who have access to the vaccination cards and the people who are buying the card…We’ll be taking very stern measures,” he said.

As of yesterday, some 254,883 persons (52.4% of the adult population) have received the first dose of a vaccine, with 142,114 (29.2%) fully vaccinated.


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