The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) says that it notes with ‘much concern’ the implementation of the new COVID 19 guidelines that came into effect on August 01, 2021.

“The GPSU views this as discriminatory against those who do not wish to be vaccinated. This arbitrary approach is an encroachment on Citizens’ rights of choice and is viewed by the Union as an abuse of power,” the union said in a statement today.

The GPSU maintains that should protocols be promoted, they would contribute significantly to the reduction of the rate of infections and harnessing the spread of the covid -19 virus.

The Protocols are social distancing, no assembling in large crowds, frequent sanitisation, rotation of workforce, limiting the number of passengers in the public transport system, robust policing, educational blitzes on the need for the vaccination, and the reintroduction of the Curfew (save and except Essential Workers or exceptional cases where it is necessary and the evidence is available.

“The Union is also of the firm view that vaccination alone cannot stop the spread of the virus since it is evident around the world where many people die as a result of contracting the virus after being fully vaccinated. Therefore it is important that the protocols listed be implemented to work in collaboration with the vaccine to reduce the spread of the virus,” it said.

GPSU said that it maintains the view that everyone should be encouraged to vaccinate, but should only do so voluntarily and in keeping with the approved World Health Organization vaccination standards.

The government, at the beginning of this month, introduced modified COVID-19 guidelines, with increased emphasis on the need for persons to be vaccinated. Public transport, casino, and cinema operators are now required to only accept vaccinated patrons.


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