The COVID-19 Task Force will up its monitoring capabilities to enforce new vaccination requirements ordered by government, says Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony.

“Joint services, from time to time will go into places at random and just come in to check to make sure that people are complying with the measures. So, we have restaurants to visit because people going to dine should be vaccinated, and the proprietors will have to ensure that is happening. People who are going to bars, again, must have their vaccination cards to show that they’ve been vaccinated. Unvaccinated persons are not allowed in bars. So again, the Task Force will be going around,” he said today.

He added that the Task Force will also be visiting ministries and other government agencies to ensure that protocols are being observed. Visits will also be done to ensure that public transport operators are also complying.

Casino, bar, and cinema operators can only admit vaccinated patrons, while it is mandatory for all public transport operators to be vaccinated.

Persons visiting ministries and other governmental agencies are also required to be vaccinated. Unvaccinated persons have been asked to make an appointment to access ‘walk-in’ services.


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