The government, at the beginning of this month, introduced modified COVID-19 guidelines with increased emphasis on the implementation of vaccination requirements. Casino, bar, and cinema operators can only admit vaccinated patrons, while it is mandatory for all public transport operators to be vaccinated.

Persons visiting ministries and other governmental agencies are also required to be vaccinated. Unvaccinated persons have been asked to make an appointment to access ‘walk-in’ services.

While these measures have not been fully welcomed by some sections of the population, Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony said today that the guidelines have increased vaccine uptake.

“Since the measures came out, I think a lot of people are trying to put themselves in order, and we’re very pleased about that. So, just, for instance, yesterday alone there were more than 3,500 persons who went to some of our vaccine sites to get their first dose,” he said today during his COVID-19 update.

Minister Anthony assured that there are enough vaccines in the country for everyone. He said that while second dose Sputnik V vaccines are scarce, the Ministry is working to acquire more.

Meanwhile, the Minister said that he is pleased about the new measures being adopted.

“I’m happy that ministries and many of the government agencies have been implemented the measures. I have seen notices and so forth, stipulating how persons can access their services. And I think that is a good thing, and also for the employees of Ministries and so forth, that they are also complying.”


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