Following protest actions against imposed COVID-19 vaccination requirements , the Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony has announced a two-week grace period for health care professionals and public transport operators to comply with those new measures.

The Government of Guyana introduced modified COVID-19 measures for the month of August with guidelines giving more ease of access to the vaccinated populace while ordering that employees attached to the public transport sector be vaccinated to ensure their continued operation.

Further, only vaccinated persons are allowed in bars, gambling shops and restaurants.

See full statement from the Health Minister that was issued tonight

As a result of representations made by various stakeholders to my office on sections of the COVID- 19 Emergency Measures (No. 20) issued on the 29th July 2021, the stakeholders represented to me that healthcare workers, public transport operators, and conductors require additional time to comply with the Order.

I have examined the request and wish to announce that healthcare workers, public transport operators and conductors will be given two weeks to comply with the Order.

I wish to reiterate that the Government of Guyana has secured enough vaccines for the adult population. Guyanese have a choice of first and second dose AstraZeneca or SinoPharm and first dose Sputnik V. Additionally, the Pfizer vaccine for our children will soon be available.

I wish to reiterate that the vaccines are safe, effective and if you are fully vaccinated, it will reduce your chances of infection, hospitalization and death. Please protect yourself, your family and your community. Please get vaccinated!


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