Former President and Leader of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), David Granger, has railed at the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) over its mismanagement of the country’s affairs during its first year in power.

Granger said that to assess any Government’s performance, one has to look at a “human impact assessment.”

“I feel the past year has been a very bad year for Guyana. In terms of the pandemic, I think that is the worst case because we would have had about 10 deaths per week on average for 52 weeks,” the former President highlighted.

In fact, he said that the dismissal of public servants by the Ali-led Administration has even made its first year in office troublesome.

“I would look at the dismissal of public servants, and again you had on average of 32 dismissals per week of public servants alone. I am not talking about other enterprises.”

He continued, “There is no official statistics, but evidence suggests that the normal food that people would use from the market would know ground provision, greens and fruits skyrocketing over the last year, particularly because of delivery and production.”

Throwing gasoline into the fire, the former Head-of-State said that the catastrophic three-month flood has severely affected the livelihood of Guyanese, with the government having no recovery plan. This, he said, can affect the country in the long run.

“And it was made worse by the flood because at least three regions still have abnormal waters on the land and this is after three months, and because of the failure to plant new crops, the problem will worsen later in the year because some of the farms which ought to have been planted over the last three months were underwater.”

The former President noted too that crime, as well as the unemployment rate is very high, which has been affecting the ordinary Guyanese.

To this end, Granger stated that he believes that the measures his government would have put in place were effective.

“When we left office- 5 months into the pandemic, we had 21 deaths now we have 10 deaths per week,” the former President said while adding that “I would like to see one single person in the cabinet reporting directly to the President.


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