Breastfeeding mothers, who do not wish to be vaccinated, can be exempted for six months from the date of delivery, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Narine Singh said in a memorandum today, listing the updated COVID-19 vaccination measures.

While there is no contradiction to breastfeeding mothers receiving the vaccine, it is advised that clearance be sought from their doctor before taking a jab.

The CMO also noted that pregnant women, who also do not wish to be vaccinated, can be exempted too. Those who wish to take the vaccine should get clearance from their doctor.

Also, it is recommended that persons, who were infected with COVID-19, can receive their vaccines as soon as they are recovered, that is, 14 days after testing positive.

Individuals, who receive blood transfusions are eligible for vaccines two weeks after being transfused. Persons can donate blood after receiving their vaccines. The CMO said that there is no contraindication for this activity.

Meanwhile, it is advised that patients with any clotting disorder such as hemophilia should be given clearance from their attending physician before receiving the vaccine. Persons receiving chemotherapy or dialysis should also receive the go-ahead from their doctor before taking the jab.

Persons who are exempted for reasons mentioned above and other underlying illnesses not listed, should present certificate of exemption from a fully registered medical practitioner.


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