Harrychand Dhanraj, 56, of Prem Nagar, East Meten-Meer-Zorg was last night struck down in his village by a car driven by Khemraj Hira, 23, of Mc Watt Street, Vergenogen.

Police said that the motorcar was proceeding along the Meten-Meer-Zorg Public Road, when Dhanraj rode his pedal cycle out of Water Pump Street in a ‘zig-zag manner’ into the path of the vehicle.

As a result, the front portion of the motorcar collided with the bicycle.
Dhanraj fell onto the bonnet and the front windscreen of the motor car before being thrown onto the corner of the road. He received a wound to his head and foot.

He was picked up in a conscious condition by the driver of the motorcar and taken to Leonora Cottage Hospital, where he was seen and examined by the doctor on duty and later transferred to West Demerara Regional Hospital. He was admitted a patient and his condition is listed as critical.

Investigations are ongoing.


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