The Education Ministry said it is committed to reopening schools next month for the new academic year, banking the safety of children, teachers, and others on the COVID-19 vaccines currently being administered across the country.

Earlier this month, the government amended its COVID-19 measures to include more ease of access to vaccinated persons, with compulsory vaccination for specific sections of society, including those operating in the public transportation sector.

Some private businesses have also been turning up the heat on employees, saying that they must either get vaccinated or produce regular tests.

The same approach is now being extended to teachers and administrative staff in the public education system.

A missive from the Ministry said yesterday that teachers must submit weekly PCR tests or get vaccinated.

But the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) has responded by terminating all engagements with the Ministry until this vaccination directive is reversed.

See full release below:

In light of a recent press release fom the Ministry of Education pertaining to teachers’ vaccination, the Guyana Teachers’ Union withdraws with immediate effect its participation from the present assessment of schools and all other planned engagements with Ministry of Education until this release is retracted.

Our teachers were good enough to teach NGSA, CSEC and CAPE, mark NGSA, attend workshops and even participate in school preparedness assessments. Our members have called on us to act now in their best interest. We are not opposed to vaccination, but it MUST be voluntary.


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