Within the last week, the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients has increased dramatically. This could mean that variants are present in Guyana, Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony said today.

While Guyana has never confirmed the existence of COVID-19 variants, the Minister said that recent developments have reached ‘parameters’ consistent with the existence of strains seen in other countries. In other words, the number of infections, hospitalization and deaths are on the rise, indicating that virus has become deadlier. It is a fact that COVID-19 mutations tend to be more contagious, and their effects more potent.

With more Guyanese requiring additional care, the Minister concluded that Guyanese are now contracting a more severe form of the virus.

He said that the number of persons in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has doubled within the last seven day, as more persons get infected. Some 104 persons are hospitalized, with 78 at the “Ocean View Hospital” and 26 in the ICU.

“So, you can see that in a very short period of time our ICU number has moved from 12 right up to 26. So, this is showing that people are getting a more severe form of the infection. We want to urge people to take all necessary precautions, and one of best way you can really protect yourself is by getting vaccinated,” he said.


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