Guyana has been recording an average of 100 COVID-19 cases per day, and Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony is worried that more infections loom if Guyanese continue to throw caution to the wind.

“On a daily basis we’re getting, on average, more than a hundred cases, and that’s a worrying trend. From all the clinical parameters that we’re seeing, it might be the new variants that are circulating. And apart from the increase in cases, we’ve also seen an increase in hospitalization…As of the last 24 hours, we have about 80 persons who have tested positive, and right now, we have 1,910 active cases across the country,” Dr. Anthony said during today’s COVID-19 update.

He added that more hotspots are surfacing, while villages that have consistent high numbers of infections are also confirming more cases.

“We’ve also seen that in some regions there are a number of hotspots. So, in Region Three, Tuschen continues to be a hotspot. We have now about 35 active cases in Tuschen. In Parfaite Harmonie we have 23 cases. So again, if these people are not isolating themselves, and they’re not wearing masks and protecting others, a lot more people can become infected,” he reasoned.

He added that in Region Four, on the East Bank, there are 50 active cases in Diamond; 44 in Grove; and Timehri with 28. On the East Coast of Demerara, there are 28 cases in Better Hope, 22 in Enmore, and 21 in Mahaica.

More cases are also surfacing in and around the Capital, with each ward recording active cases, the Minister said.

“In and around Georgetown, we now have 409 cases. That’s quite a lot. When you disaggregate it, you’ll see places like Campbellville having about 37 cases; Sophia, 37 cases; Kitty, 29 cases – but almost every Ward in Georgetown, we have cases that are active.”

In New Amsterdam, Berbice there are 27 cases and 41 in Bartica.


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