A post-mortem examination conducted on the body of 60-year-old Rishi Bharat, of lot 10 Grant 1806 Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Berbice, revealed that the Hindu priest died from a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage.

In the presence of the police, the body was identified by the deceased’s brother-in-law to the pathologist at the mentioned place. The body was then handed over to the relatives for burial.

Standard understands that Bharat, called “Haribole” was brutally beaten to death by eleven men who were in front of his premises using foul language, smoking weed, and consuming alcohol. he peeked through his window and asked the men to leave, but they ignored his request.

He then contacted the police but they never responded. As a result, the priest who could no longer tolerate their behavior reportedly armed himself with a piece of wood and confronted the suspects for the second time, and told them to move from in front of his premises.

The men then became annoyed and armed themselves with pieces of wood and began to beat the priest about his head and body.

He then fell to the ground and the men made good their escape.Fearful for their lives, shortly after the men were gone, Bharrat was picked up in an unconscious state by his family and rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.


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