See full release from the offices of the Region 10 Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs), Regional Chairman and Mayor of Linden:

The leadership of Region Ten are [sic] deeply concerned about the dictatorial and discriminatory approaches and posture of the government in its handling of covid 19 pandemic in the country and its mandatory vaccination policy on the citizenry. Many of Region Ten health care workers are denied access and entry to their places of work.

This action has placed the health and safety of our region at severe risk of a greater and catastrophic health crisis than what currently obtains, hence being the lowest vaccinated region. It is important to note that our region already has a shortage of much-needed doctors and nurses due to transfers and a migration exodus to foreign lands. Further, there are shortages of much needed and necessary equipment, medical apparatus and the required amount of gear and drugs to effectively and efficiently manage an increase of covid 19 patients in the region and it’s most worried some.

Additionally, the denial of our residents to access much-needed government services of which their taxes pay is most untenable. Region Ten of which we are assured is intentionally and strategically being targeted and discriminated against.

Hundreds of our residents are still not in receipt of covid 19 cash grants, because we care educational cash grants, hundreds were taken off and denied public assistance, many of our farmers have been denied the cash grants to assist in their rebuilding, our pensioners are concerned about not getting their promised increase, and the denial of bonafide residents of the region access to house lots at an affordable price, to mention a few solidify this view.

We have observed the recent attempt by the government to now target our teachers, not this region.

Let it be known, that despite all those aforementioned atrocities we as a region will stand resolute and united to continually reject this government’s dictatorial imposition being placed on our people and we will resist and fight against it to the hilt. We will stand firm in defense of our people until this decision that affects our people and by extension, every Guyanese citizen is reconsidered.

On Monday 6th of September 2021, there will be a Region Ten “SHUT DOWN” to resister our objection and rejection of the government’s dictatorship and mandatory vaccination policy.



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