Post-mortem examinations (PME) were yesterday conducted on the bodies of Timehri, East Bank Demerara couple, Ramlall Madhoo, 51, and 42-year-old Camille Dwarka. Both man and wife were found dead in a septic tank at their home several days ago.

The PME revealed that Dwarka died of blunt trauma to the head, while her husband succumbed as a result of drowning. The exercise was conducted by government pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh. The bodies were handed over to the family for burial.

According to reports, on September 15, Dwarka was going to the toilet when her niece, Anita Joseph, heard her screaming and went to her rescue.

Upon checking, she discovered her aunt had fallen into the septic tank. She then called out for Madhoo, who jumped into the septic tank to rescue his wife but was unable to do so. The niece looked into the septic tank and noticed both bodies were motionless.


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