Police ranks attached to the East Coast of Demerara (Division 4 ‘C’) have launched an investigation into the discovery of a woman’s skeletal remains on Christmas Day. The remains are suspected to be that of Dhanmattie Paul Deopau, a 57-year-old female of East Indian descent.

The skeletal remains of the woman were found around 14:00 hrs at her home located at 106 Dr Miller Street, Triumph, East Coast Demerara.

Enquiries disclosed that the deceased resided alone in a two-storey wooden structure. She would normally secure her home and remain isolated from her family members and friends.

About 13:55hrs today, the woman’s brother-in-law Compton Dyal, a 63-year-old businessman of Eccles, visited her residence, called several times, but got no answer.

The police were subsequently summoned and the skeletal remains were found on the kitchen floor on the lower flat of her home. The scene was processed and photographed. The skeletal remains of the woman were taken to the Jerrick’s Funeral Parlour for storage.

Guyana Standard understands that the home was not found ransacked. Be that as it may, several persons were questioned and statements were taken.

Investigations into this matter are ongoing.


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