See full statement from the Private Sector Commission (PSC):

The Private Sector Commission is appalled and hugely disappointed at the childish antics of the main opposition party in the National Assembly, in what almost descended into violence, In a pointless attempt to disrupt and prevent the passing of the two most important pieces of legislation, the Local Content and Natural Resources Fund ( NRF) Bill, which will govern our future for years to come.

The PSC had hoped for and expected a mature and adult debate from which our people would be able to fairly and sensibly judge the merits or demerits of the government’s presentation of this vital legislation and, in which, the Opposition could have made their case for the NRF Bill to be sent to a Special Select Committee for further debate and consultation.

Instead, our people were forced to witness a scene worthy of a comedy act in “The Link Show” acted out by the leadership of the Opposition. The responsibility now rests upon the shoulders of the Speaker of the House to ensure that those parliamentarians, who clearly crossed the line, are dealt with appropriately as provided for in the rules and procedures of our parliament.


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