President Irfaan Ali in is New Year message said he wants to create additional educational and work opportunities for young professionals in the country. The intention, he said, is for young people to gain experience and to become educated so that they may be empowered to be owners and managers of all sectors of the Guyanese society, especially the emerging oil and gas sector.

“The ground must be ready now for young Guyanese to assume those positions regardless of their race, colour or creed,” President Ali stated.

“The Ministers of Government have already been advised to implement policies throughout their ministries and departments and in the award of scholarships and the building of training institutions to this effect,” he said.

In the second component of his plan, President Ali said he will be holding meetings and engaging individually, organised groups of young people including youth arms of all political parties. The meetings, President Ali said will start as soon as they can be arranged.

“I want to hear their views. I want to learn how they think. We should shape the future of our ‘One Guyana’. I want to dialogue with them about the kind of country they wish to inherit and how they will advance it. The next generation must be better than this one. If not, our country will regress, not progress,” the President said.

“When I look at my little son in all his innocence, I want the best for him. One that is free of racism, discrimination and violence. One that is firmly set on the path of harmonious relations and equity for all Guyanese. I know, that every parent wants the same thing for their children,” the Head of State further added.


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