Preliminary investigations by the Guyana Police Force into the death of Elizabeth Dass and Nicholas Low-A-Chee, who were found rotting in their Lot 1-2 Sarah Johanna home earlier today, have revealed that they both received gunshots to the head.

Since detectives found no sign of forced entry or damage in their home, it is suspected that Low-A-Chee shot his wife then committed suicide.

According to the police, the 27-year-old housewife and the 25-year-old labourer have been living together for some time as a fairly happily married couple.

Neighbours report that both persond were last seen alive on January 2, last, bout 10:00 hrs. Two days later, about 07:30hrs, cops said a relative of Nicholas Low-A-Chee went to check on him after several attempts to reach him via cell phone proved futile.

On arrival at the couple’s home, the relative observed a male in the back yard who is known to the family and he observed that the door was partly opened. He entered, made a few steps into the house and repeatedly called out for his nephew but did not get any response.

The man ventured further into the house, in the direction of his nephew’s bedroom and it was at this point he was hit by a foul scent. He then opened the bedroom door, and he observed the motionless bodies of Elizabeth Dass and Nicholas Low-A-Chee. They were in pools of blood on the bed and floor respectively with what appeared to be a black handgun, about two feet east of Nicholas Low-A-Chee’s body.
Guyana Standard understands that the relative immediately raised an alarm then reported his discovery to the Timehri Police Station via cellphone.
The body of Elizabeth Dass had what appeared to be gunshot injuries, one above her right eye and another to her abdomen. Low-A-Chee had a single gunshot wound just above his left ear and another to his right side temple, which is suspected to be point of entry/exit.
Furthermore, three suspected .32 spent shells were found in the bedroom; one on the bed, one on the floor and the other about six feet west of his body. A .32 pistol was found two feet east of his left hand.
The firearm was examined and processed for fingerprints but none was detected.
A further search within the premises unearthed a quantity of suspected cannabis which was later weighed and amounted to 370 grams.
The bodies were uplifted by undertakers of the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home and escorted to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where they were formally pronounced dead.
The hands and body of both Nicolas Low-A-Chee and Elizabeth Dass were processed for gunshot residue. Blood samples from Nicolas Low-A-Chee were taken along with what was found in the bedroom for DNA testing. The bodies were then taken to the Memorial Gardens Mortuary where they were placed into cold storage, awaiting a post mortem at a later date.
Cops said several persons in the area were questioned but no useful information was obtained. Investigations are in progress.


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