Police on January 24, 2022 found 5,444 grams (12lbs) of marijuana in a suitcase inside of a minibus on the Weldaad Public Road, Region Five, at a roadblock sometime around 08:15hrs.

According to reports, minibus BSS 43028 was stopped with a total of 12 passengers including the driver. A search was carried out on the said mini-bus and a black suitcase was found which contained two bulky parcels wrapped with transparent plastic containing cannabis leaves, seeds and stems in the trunk of the minibus.

The driver was questioned about the said suitcase and he pointed out a male passenger, who subsequently admitted ownership of the narcotic.

As a result, the suspect was arrested and taken to the Weldaad Police Station along with the cannabis, where it was weighed in his presence and amounted to 5,444 grams. The suspect was placed in custody as investigations continue.


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