Police have confirmed that 16-year-old Sheereda Persaud of Experiment Bath, West Coast Berbice (WCB) and Christopher Bhagwandat, 21, of Middle Street Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara (ECD) were killed in a multivehicle smash-up that occurred at the Mahaica Bridge, ECD, this morning.

Preliminary reports state that Corporal David and Constable Griffith were conducting traffic duties on the Zealand Public Road Mahaicony, ECD, when the latter stopped motorcar PNN 8852 (a blue Allion) which was proceeding west with a male driver, Bhagwandat and female occupant, Persaud. The driver pulled to the left and as the rank approached on foot, the motorcar pulled off at a fast rate of speed.

Corporal David reported that he immediately informed a passing Anti-Crime Patrol in force vehicle PAB 3143, driven by Corporal Carmicheal along with Constables Tucker, Johnson and Sam about what transpired, and the patrol vehicle subsequently gave chase.

Corporal David said he then called Sergeant Hemerding of Mahaica Police Station about 10:53hrs and as the Sargeant and team were leaving the Mahaica Station compound about 10:57hrs, they heard a loud impact from the direction of the bridge.

According to Corporal Carmichael, as they were pursuing the vehicle on the Mahaica Bridge, the driver pulled right and collided with the force vehicle, which then slammed into the bridge’s rail and both the force vehicle and PNN 8852 collided with motor canter GJJ 9151, owned and driven by Omesh Persaud, 46, of Leguan, which was proceeding east on the bridge.

Motorcar PAB 8222 (a blue fielder wagon) driven by Derick Dickson, a 29-year-old of 73 Charlotte Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice along his wife Okesi Lynch 32, and two children Stefany Murray, 8, and Suryah Hinds, 2, which was at the rear of the motor canter, collided with same.

With the exception of the driver of the motor canter, all the persons were rushed to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital where the occupants of motorcar PNN 8852, Bhagwandat and Persaud, were both pronounced dead on arrival.

Constables Tucker, Sam and Johnson were referred to a city hospital, while Corporal Carmichael remained for treatment.


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