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The Alliance For Change (AFC) has taken note of the information in the public space that the PPP-appointed commissioners on GECOM are optimistic that Biometrics could be added to Guyana’s election day process to eliminate the possibility of impersonation.

Undoubtedly, using Biometrics, such as fingerprint and retina identification at the polling booth, will deter culprits who have a penchant for corrupting the system through illegal activities.

Technology for this purpose will help minimise the suspicions and reality of impersonation and will further enhance confidence in the electoral process.

Having come through the experience of the national recount and seeing the recent IRI poll of Guyanese who believe that the last Elections were not above board, the AFC strongly believes that the use of Biometrics in future elections would be a prudent move that would add to our democracy.

We, therefore, encourage the government to act post-haste with the discussion and the necessary legislative arrangements for implementation.

The statistics of the National Recount revealed that impersonation was high and impacted the outcome. This must never occur again. Sadly, in those elections, over 4000 overseas and some 90 dead individuals voted illegally.
Let us bury any recurrence of this atrocity.

Regarding the division of Region4 into three subdivisions proposed by the Attorney General in his Electoral Amendments, the AFC firmly restates its opposition to the proposal as political gimmickry


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