New Thriving Restaurant, along with two other local businesses, will be pursuing three multimillion dollar quarry ventures to address the need for construction aggregate. This demand continues to increase on a rapid scale due to the booming oil industry.

New Thriving Restaurant, which has a number of mining interests and has been active in the mining industry since 2015, has informed the Environmental Protection Agency and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission of its interest in developing a stone aggregate (gabbro) quarry within the Arisaru Mountain area, Mabura, north of Omai. The operation will consist of several heavy-duty equipment along with crushing plant and support equipment and employment of approximately 20 persons.

The company said that it has the financial capacity to fund a project of this magnitude and plans to invest up to USD$780,000 (GUY$163,800,000) in getting this quarry project off the ground.

The production objective for Arisaru quarry is to produce riprap and aggregates for the local market. The estimated mine life based on the current resource for the proposed pit is six years.


As for the Mabura Quarry, it is located in Lethem. At 150,000 tons per year for the first year, Mabura Quarry will generate a surplus of USD $3,600,000. This would be replicated at least for four years given the five year life cycle for the pit.

The primary reason for the opening of this quarry is to satisfy the Ministry of Public Works with boulders for sea defence maintenance and aggregates for road maintenance and other construction works. The quarry will produce boulders, crusher-run and aggregates.

Additionally, the quarry will be owned and operated by Windsor Technologies of 19 Shamrock Gardens, Ogle, East Coast Demerara.

The area applied for the safe operation of the quarry is approximately 4,187 acres, save and except all lands lawfully held or occupied. The area has approximately 7.4 M tonnes of quarry resources. The proposed quarry will produce approximately 1.7M tonnes of boulders and aggregates in five years. Guyana Standard understands that production rate will fluctuate depending on demand. The project is expected to employ 100 persons.


The third project, Agatash Quarry, is located on the left bank of the Essequibo River and has in excess of 1.5 million metric tonnes of mineable reserves to meet local aggregate demand for construction. The project area is about 807 acres. It will be owned and operated by Atlantic Engineering Guyana Inc and is expected to employ 28 persons.


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