A disagreement over the changing of a $5000 note has left a conductor and a vendor nursing wounds they inflicted on each other at Timehri Minibus Park.

According to police, the incident occurred today around 11:00 hours between Colin Cumberbatch, a 28 year-old bus conductor of North Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, and Sherwin Ariwa, a 56 year-old vendor of ‘C’ Field Sophia Squatting Area.

Police were told that the vendor went to the driver of a bus and asked him to change $5000 into smaller notes. At this point, the conductor approached and instructed him to remove himself from near the bus. A heated exchange ensued followed by a scuffle. During the fight, Ariwa armed himself with a beer bottle and dealt one lash to Cumberbatch’s right-side forehead. The conductor who was armed with a pair of scissors stabbed the vendor to his left side abdomen and left hand.

The scuffle at the #42 minibus park was reported to a police rank who was stationed at the nearby Stabroek Police Outpost at the time. The rank upon arriving at the scene warned both parties to desist from such behaviour. The vendor complied and dropped the beer bottle but the conductor made it clear that he would kill the vendor for his disrespect.

The conductor subsequently armed himself with a cutlass and charged towards the vendor. The police rank discharged a warning shot but he still headed toward Ariwa.

As a result, the rank discharged a second round which hit the conductor in his left foot, preventing him from continuing his menacing advance.

Both men were then taken to Georgetown Public Hospital in an ambulance.

Investigation into the incident continues.


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