President, Dr Irfaan Ali has assured citizens that the development of every community across the country is paramount. In fact, the Head of State made this declaration while addressing residents during a community outreach in Pigeon Island on the East Coast of Demerara today.

Priority issues raised by residents, included the completion of the regularization process, road networks in the community as well as improvements of the drainage network.

President Ali addressing Pigeon Island residents during the recent engagement

“I want to say to you today that we are setting aside $80M for infrastructure development and upliftment of Pigeon Island. As I speak to you, the advertisements are out in the newspaper for the construction of new roads in the new area that is being regularized.”

He said too that the community members with the technical skills will be involved in the works to allow them to assume some level of responsibility and for them to be part of the developmental process.

In addressing requests for work to be carried out on the community’s road,  President Ali said that within 72 hours, designs will be ready for the concrete resurfacing of it.

“The government, the engineers and the community will work together.”

The President also said that residents will be included in the community employment programme, which will be extended along the east coast. The Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall and Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, are to return to the community to meet with residents to identify those eligible and how they will benefit.

In addition, with the consensus from the residents, the community playfield will also be developed to allow for recreational activities.

“We want to get all of these projects in Pigeon Island completed before the end of the year.”

The Head of State emphasized that his government has one narrative and one agenda: to unite the citizens under the ‘One Guyana’ banner and bring prosperity to all. This transformative plan, he added, is well underway.

“Today, Pigeon Island is a community surrounded by the fastest development growth our country has ever seen.”

He reminded the gathering that when government invests in communities, the net value of the area increases.

“That is an important point because every time we invest in these communities, we invest in your net worth, we invest in your family’s net value.”

President Ali said that often times this aspect of the investments in development is overlooked. In this regard, he urged the residents to work together for the advancement of their community.

Following his brief address, the President and the cabinet ministers listened to several concerns raised.(Extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information)




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