Walter Rodney our brother
Where reason failed
Time has shown your wisdom
We salute you great brother
Unselfishness was your creed
You gave with love to Guyana and the World

Your gift of life inspires us always
They say time stands still
Yet our memory of your courage lives on
You are the touchstone for bravery
You fought unflinchingly and heroically

_In Virgil’s words you:
March with a spirited step
Heart abounding in courage
Time flies and cannot be restored_

Yet you will always be with us
You spoke words akin to freedom
Anti-exploitation, anti-racism,
Class solidarity, anti-poverty

_Borrowing from Jean-Paul Sartre exposition
I believe this man was not only an intellectual
But the most perfect man of our time_

Indeed, you grounded with your brothers and sisters
From all walks of life
Courage undefeatable
Unencumbered by fear
With a mind freed from being unprincipled
Or unnecessarily compromising

_As Seneca noted:
The touchstone of a brave mind
Resolves to live and die free_

You united the working class, the poor and the downtrodden
As we honour your deeds
By our words, actions and results
You live with and among us always
Your life works are forever our joy

Memories of your courage
Exemplify the touchstone for being Guyanese
Hearts beating bravely always

Nigel Hinds


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