The families of three fishermen who have been missing at sea since February of this year are still considering what will happen next with regards to getting to the bottom of what transpired at sea. The bizarre disappearance of the Captain and crew remains unsolved.

Captain Harold Anthony Damon and his crew members Ronald Burton and Winston Sam went missing in the vicinity of the Mahaica River after the Noble House Seafoods vessel capsized. The story of the lone survivor did not see favour from Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill who told the press back in March that there were too many loopholes in his statement.

The survivor recounted that the ship had sank and he was floating in the river for some time before he was rescued by a passing vessel. A commission of inquiry later revealed that neither the captain or crew were certified to be seamen. The report further stated that men were also not trained to deal with worse case scenarios at sea.

Nine months after their disappearance, the family of the men want answers to start the process of moving on. The family lamented that the anguish of not knowing what happened still haunts them. Claudette Welch, the wife of Ronald Burton said, “I feel very much bad for the nine months. Because no one is telling me nothing about my husband of 47 years. Up to now no one has told us anything about what will happen.”

Tonza Beckles, the wife of Damon expressed the view that she was disappointed in the outcome of the investigation. She now feels as if her husband never existed. “Nobody comes to see us, no one tells us anything; they don’t even call. Nothing! I am just left here with my thoughts tormenting me as to what could have really happened to these three men.” Beckles stated.

She continued,”They are just missing without a trace. They didn’t find the boat nothing. There is no evidence to prove that this boat did sink and like I said nobody is telling us anything.”

Director of Maritime Safety at the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) Captain John Flores, days after the disappearance said that the teams deployed were exploring the possibility that the vessel may have sunk deeper than initially anticipated.


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