Mahendra Paltoo, the man at the centre of police investigations for allegedly murdering his wife, Oma Davi Versammy at their Lot 171 Bloomfield, New Housing Corentyne home, is believed to have suffered from years of anger issues stemming from a traumatic childhood injury. This much was communicated to detectives by his father, Mokesh Paltoo.


Paltoo’s father explained that on Sunday November 6, 2022, the family was informed that Versammy had injured herself with a cutlass. They immediately rushed to the house to render assistance. Upon arrival, they saw the woman’s motionless body was lying in the house.


“I said to them boys, take him (Mahendra) to the station. He agreed and then he went into the station and the people started questioning him,”Paltoo said. The father further detailed that his son had experienced an injury to his head when he was five years-old. This led to him to have uncontrollable anger issues later on.


“He fell on a broom and injured his one eye. We took him to the doctor and we were told that the entire left side of his head had severe damage. He grew up acting out his anger and he couldn’t control it,”the father said.


Mahendra confessed to police that after imbibing in the housing scheme, he and Veerasammy had a misunderstanding. He told detectives that she accused him of being unfaithful. In his confession, he told detectives that he armed himself with a cutlass and dealt her several blows about the body.


Mahendra had previously lied to detectives about what occured between himself and Verasammy. He told investigators that it was an accident, stating that his wife was in the process of preparing their children for bed when she fell on a cutlass that was in the room.


He told detectives that the cutlass was hidden between two mattresses in their bedroom. He then claimed that the woman received a cut on her right ankle but was eventually bandaged. He further claimed that he woke up at about 4:40h on Sunday and discovered his wife dead.


Investigations into the death of the 30-year-old woman are continuing.


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