The Alliance For Change (AFC) has objected to the move by the Local Government Ministry to make adjustments to several boundaries within a number of municipalities. Specifically, AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan said he foresees there will be issues with such adjustments during the staging of the Local Government Elections next year.

During the party’s weekly press conference on Friday, Ramjattan explained that adjustments could affect some candidates, since their original districts could now be another district which could pose campaigning issues.

“I understand from certain independent candidates that want to run, they are not so certain which constituency they are in. It is an illegal act that will cause confusion next year,” Ramjattan said.

He further noted, “You have to understand that this thing has to be properly delineated because you can put up a candidate from Delph street thinking that he is from this constituency on the Western Side when it is not so.”

The AFC Leader said that just like the issue with the “bloated list”, the boundary adjustments illustrate the ill preparedness of the Local Government Ministry to properly stage the elections. He implored that boundaries must be properly demarcated for the knowledge of candidates and voters.

Meanwhile, Executive Member of the AFC David Patterson, claimed that what is suspicious is the administration seeking to adjust boundaries after GECOM asked candidates to submit their symbols.

During a press conference on Friday, it was Minister of Local Government Nigel Dharamlall who accused the previous administration of changing boundaries in 2018 for political gains. He noted that the current restructuring of the boundaries will pave the way for a more democratic process.


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