The minister said the health ministry has observed two general trends that are associated in flood-prone conditions.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony

“One is that if the water is not safe then we can see people having diarrheal diseases. The second…more prevalent condition that we see is that people would have skin rashes. So, these are the most common things that you would see but, in any event, if you have any condition during the flood situation just come to one of our health centres, where we will be able to give you advice,” he said during Friday’s COVID-19 update.

The minister said diarrheal diseases are best preventable by the use of boiled water.

In the absence of boiled water, persons are encouraged to add one teaspoon of bleach to one litre of water.

Also, persons can also add chlorine tablets to their water in the absence of bleach as it has the same effect. These methods will decontaminate the water by killing existing germs.

Persons who are affected by skin rashes are urged to visit the health centre closest to them to have a doctor identify what type of rashes they have and have the appropriate medication for those rashes prescribed to them. (Department of Public Information)


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