A Canadian Trade Mission, which arrived here on Monday, is expected to spend the next three days on the hunt for “win-win” partnerships with suitable Guyanese business owners. They are also interested in independently expanding their presence to suit the development needs of the country.

Introducing the companies to the Guyanese market on Monday evening at his residence was Canada’s High Commissioner to Guyana, Mark Berman.

Berman said BMS North America is on the verge of executing a contract with an internationally branded hotel being constructed in Guyana. He said that the contract is for an “all-in-one” packaged sewage treatment plant. With the boom in commercial and residential construction in Guyana, Berman said he expects that this is just the beginning for BMSNorth America in Guyana and the Region.

The official disclosed that K&D Pratt Group Inc. has joined Industrial Safety Supplies Inc. of Georgetown, Guyana to create a joint venture company, Meridian 60 Offshore Inc. Berman said M60 recently signed a contract with SBM Offshore to provide fire and safety services i.e. inspection, commissioning, installation, repair, maintenance, and servicing of a variety of fire protection and life safety products and systems.

Other companies seeking opportunities here include WTG Canada; OPAS Mobile and North Star Associates, industry leaders in project management; and Radient360 Solutions, an established entity that provides digital real-time workflow management tools for the oil and gas sector.

The High Commissioner said the presence of these companies demonstrates that Canada stands ready to partner with Guyana with innovative solutions, including technologies that maximize the country’s energy potential.

“As I have said before, our commercial relationship with Guyana is growing and will continue to grow because we are natural partners, similarly, blessed with an abundance of natural resources, sharing many values, and enjoying strong people-to-people ties stemming from our sizeable Guyanese Diaspora in Canada and many Canadians living in Guyana. I truly believe that the Canada – Guyana relationship will continue to grow,” the High Commissioner expressed.

Berman was also keen to note that the Canadian private sector has a lot to offer Guyanese businesses given its world-class technologies, a wealth of expertise, and sound track record in oil and gas, infrastructure development, renewables, and clean tech. He believes the companies will be a unique fit for the diversification Guyana desires.


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