Divisional Commander for the city, Simon McBean says that more than 8000 patrols were conducted this year. According to Commander McBean, the constant patrolling has yielded a decrease in serious crimes. So far, in the city, he said there has been a 30% reduction in serious crimes from January to now.

Commander McBean made this known at the Division’s Annual Awards and Luncheon today. He told the gathering that a total of 8,900 patrols were conducted throughout the division with the aim of thwarting devious acts by criminal elements.

“All of these were major contributing factors and with the significant increase in our intelligence-led roadblocks and operations, we were able to decrease the crimes in the division,” McBean said.

The Commander noted that a majority of crimes committed nationally are in the city district. He noted that compared to the other districts, the City Division is highlighly populated and has more economic activity when compared to the other districts.

The Commander said that a total of 21 murders were recorded this year when compared to 36 in 2021. Mc Bean said what was most notable was the division’s ability to reduce the number of murders committed this year.

“Last year this time, we recorded 36 murders with a 30 percent increase in such crimes within the Division. This year we recorded 21 murders which takes us close to a 50 percent decrease in our murders,” McBean said.

Meanwhile, as it pertains to the removal of illegal weapons from the streets of Georgetown, he posited that while this is challenging, there has been a significant number of seizures.

“This division removed over 26 illegal firearms from the streets and seized over 80 kg of cannabis and 3.4 kg of cocaine,” Commander McBean revealed.

He said these crime prevention efforts will be sustained throughout the season and beyond.


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