Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo

The vice president, who was speaking on a programme, Friday said the caravans and stalls owned by vendors illegally plying their trade along New Market Street, opposite the Georgetown Public Hospital, pose a threat to the patients of the hospital.

Moreover, they create traffic congestion and make it difficult to keep the hospital’s environs clean.  He said the situation is a ‘crisis’ that warrants immediate interventions.

“Every CEO of the hospital has written the City Council about this problem, since 2015. So, it’s not just the PPP/C Government that has concerns.

“As a vendor, you cannot do it to bring discomfort to people, or to prevent some vital functions of the places you’re vending in. You have to do it in a responsible manner,” the vice president explained.

Meanwhile, he vehemently condemned and lambasted Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine for his insensitive and vile commentary against President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali. The mayor’s accusations were made during his efforts to thwart the removal of the caravans and stalls along New Market Street. The vice president dubbed Narine’s statement as “utter nonsense”, noting that the PPP/C Administration does not discriminate in its efforts to foster development.

“The PPP/C party is grounded in change for the better, and development for all people. Religion does not factor into our decision making when we talk about progress,” Dr Jagdeo stated.

The VP also addressed the mayor’s contention that the removal of the vendors along New Market Street is a decision solely under the jurisdiction of the Mayor and City Council and not the government.

To this end, he pointed out that the inaction and outright neglect from the Mayor and City Council has created the need for government’s intervention.

He said, “The responsibility for roads, drainage and garbage collection are that of the city. A whole range of these responsibilities that are those of the city have been taken over and funded to the tune of billions of dollars by the central government. The investments we have made in the city of Georgetown are unprecedented.”

Additionally, he stressed that the citizens of Georgetown have the opportunity to exact change with the approaching Local Government Elections.

“If the citizens of Georgetown are so serious about service, then they should vote to change the party that has run this place as their property,” he urged. (Department of Public Information)


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