Guyana’s Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton who has been at the forefront of tackling perceived government-sanctioned ethnic discrimination here is accused of presiding over the same within his political outfit, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR).

Faaiz Mursalin, who became Party Treasurer back in 2021, resigned several days ago. He made some startling revelations about his reasons for demitting office.
Chief amongst them is the allegation of racial discrimination.

In a letter seen by this publication, Mursalin wrote: “The constant racial hostility from (name withheld) is just too much for me to handle and the Leader seems to not care. My friends, I am sorry to drop all of this but the pressure was just too much. I continue to love the PNCR with all my heart but I cannot continue to serve under the current circumstance. My apologies to all.”

The former treasurer also raised concerns over the need for him to sign blank cheques at the request of the party and the Opposition Leader shooting down his recommendation to have party stalwart, Volda Lawrence audit the party’s books.

Norton, during a press conference today, said Mursalin “has never raised with me the question of racism in the Party.”

As it relates to the signing of blank cheques, Norton said, “It is true that the Treasurer signed blank cheques as one of two signatories”, but noted that since Mursalin lived in Corriverton, Berbice and does not come to Georgetown daily, there was an understanding that he signs blank cheques.

Regarding Mursalin’s request for Volda Lawrence to audit the books, Norton admitted to telling the former treasurer that it may be a conflict of interest to appoint a member of the Party Leadership as Auditor.

He noted that Article 16 (4) of the party’s Constitution states that, β€œThe General Council shall appoint an auditor at the first meeting after the Biennial Delegates Congress.”



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