Opposition Chief Whip, Christopher Jones during his presentation today on the 2023 budget lambasted the current administration for its lack of good governance. With the tagline, “make it make sense”, Jones questioned the administration on a number of issues, including the exclusion of the opposition from the selection of members for State boards.

According to the Chief Whip, unless there is a productive relationship between the Opposition and the Government of Guyana, there cannot be good governance as is constantly promoted by the PPP/C regime, the parliamentarian said. He further questioned the secrecy surrounding the appointment of “constitutional bodies.”

“It is still by its own constitution, a Marxist/Leninist party. Years of democratic centralism have bred bad habits: the PPP always seeks to control all institutions in the society… Because the PPP is protective of its own constituents to the detriment of the society as a whole. It cannot engage in policies which are designed to help all sectors of Guyana society,” Jones said.

He opined that engagement with the Opposition is in the best interest of Guyana, noting that it can promote stability, given the investments Guyana is attracting as a result of the oil and gas sector and the ongoing infrastructural development.

Jones also chastised the government for what he called “widespread discrimination”. In this regard, Jones alluded to the firing of Dr. Vince Adams from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There is continuous discrimination and victimization of ordinary Guyanese. Mocha residents and the firing of Ms. Lashonda Ellis… Discrimination in the public service,” Jones said.

Meanwhile, Jones pointed to the irregular holding of Parliamentary Committees such as the Parliamentary Oversight committee on security chaired by the Prime Minister, Brigadier (retired) Mark Phillips; the Standing Orders Committee; the Assembly Committee and the Instrument Committee, which Jones claims, “have all never met.”

“Questions, Motions, Bills and Petitions brought to this house never make it on to the order paper and the ones that do are months after being so degutted that the spirit and intent are lost. Take for example a petition brought to this House by the Deputy Speaker ( Lenox Shuman) on December 29, 2021 on behalf of the citizens asking for this House to differ the passage of the Natural Resource Fund Bill, was never read,”Jones said.

He continued, “This house was told that it would be heard at another sitting. It’s now one year after it has never seen the light of day. Democracy in Parliament has weakened,” Jones said.


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