Opposition Parliamentarian, Shurwayne Holder says that the nation is still awaiting the probe into an alleged kickback scheme involving Guyana’s Vice President (VP) Bharrat Jagdeo and Chinese businessman, Su Zhi Rhong.

The VP found himself in hot water last year when an undercover VICE News reporter went to his home with Zhi Rong to strike a deal. Unbeknownst to the VP, the reporter filmed the interaction at Jagdeo’s home.

The true identity of the VICE reporter was purportedly concealed from Zhi Rhong, who intimated he is the middleman and the VP is the “boss”.

He reportedly said that Jagdeo must be financially gratified before contracts are granted. The VP has denied these allegations and has since moved to sue Zhi Rhong, who is his friend and former tenant.

However, Zhi Rhong has been under the radar since the documentary was aired by VICE.

During his contribution to the 2023 budget debate in the House on Tuesday afternoon, Holder told the House that there is a massive cover-up of the issue, with the government allegedly dodging questions.

“Where is Su? On the 11th of June, 2022, the VP called for an investigation…On the 13th of June, 2022, the Honourable Minister [of Home Affairs, Robeson] Benn agreed that there should be an investigation, but today, in January 2023, we are yet to see the launch of an investigation,” Holder lamented.




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