The common practice of having porters seated at the top of logs strapped to various vehicles is a dangerous practice that will attract greater scrutiny from the Guyana Police Force.

In fact, the Force’s Traffic Department, in collaboration with the Guyana Forestry Commission, met with ‘log truck’ drivers and owners at Riverside Drive, Watooka in Mackenzie, Linden regarding this matter.

Traffic Chief Superintendent Dennis Stephen, who addressed the meeting, affirmed to drivers of log trucks to desist from allowing porters to be seated at the top of logs when traveling. He implored them to instead have porters seated in truck cabins.

He also told the log truck drivers and owners that all trucks must have reflectors installed to enhance visibility at night and during a breakdown on the roadway. Additionally, the Traffic Chief instructed that they use no less than four chains and other fastening straps to secure each load while traveling on roadways.

Stephen also reminded truck owners that it is their responsibility to have their driver’s licenced. The Traffic Chief said he was informed that some of the trail drivers are unlicensed, and they bring the log truck up to a point of the destination, following which, a licensed driver takes over. He also warned the drivers not to consume alcohol while driving.

The collaboration aims to reduce road accidents and fatalities.


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