The arrest of a Buxtonian by the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) has sparked angry protests on the Buxton Public Road. Residents are calling for the immediate release of the suspect and have threatened to intensify their actions if their demands are not met. Screenshot_20230201-135331_Facebook.jpg

Scores of villagers blocked the main access roads with tires and tree trunks that were eventually set on fire. Minutes later, unknown persons were seen pushing a truck to another part of the road before lighting setting it a blaze too.

Guyana Standard understands that CANU sometime this morning, traveled to Buxton to arrest a suspect for questioning in relation to an ongoing drug investigation. After seeing ranks of CANU, the man reportedly tried to escape, but CANU ranks opened fire, which led the driver landing in a nearby trench. Screenshot_20230201-135406_Facebook.jpg

Angry residents on the scene told media operatives that the man was innocent and was only to be profiled by ranks. The residents were also infuriated; claiming that some of the bullets hurled at the suspect ended up causing damage to nearby homes.

“They come in here shooting like crazy. People could have been injured. A lady was home and two bullets caught her house. If they killed that woman what excuse would they have? You can’t come in here and do these things,” a resident said.

On the ground, the Commander of the East Coast Division Mr. Kalil Pareshram explained that the police were called to the scene after reports of a riot reached their Divisional Headquarters in Cove and John. Commander Pareshram was reluctant to say whether his division was made aware of CANU’s operation this morning. FB_IMG_1675274055279.jpg

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs in a release said, “An intelligence-led operation this morning resulted in the interception of a motor vehicle bearing registration number PRR 6703 with several bundles of cannabis amounting to 51.2 pounds in the vicinity of the village of Buxton.”

The ministry said that a suspect was taken into custody, and the drugs found in the car were seized by law enforcement officers. It noted that warning shots were fired in the course of the operation to stop the fleeing vehicle, which ended up in a nearby trench.

“Police officers and fire service units are on the scene to effect the reopening of the roadways,” the ministry said.

The ministry also called on persons engaged in the blocking of the roadways and other illegal activities to desist from this practice.



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