Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) said this evening that the value of the drugs seized from today’s raid in Buxton amounts to $7M.

The unit said its officers conducted an operation at East Coast Demerara, to intercept a motor vehicle. The said vehicle drove into Buxton and evaded the officers on several occasions, including at a roadblock on Buxton public road.

A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of 12 parcels of suspected cannabis which amounted to 23.2kgs. The driver, Odearie Phillips, 25, of Vigilance Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara, was arrested.

It further said that members of the public became hostile, assaulted several officers and damaged several of the unit’s vehicles in an attempt to free Phillips who was in lawful custody, by pulling him out of CANU’s vehicle.

This resulted in several shots being discharged in the air. Investigations are in progress.


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