Guyana’s aquaculture industry is poised for further growth as several multi-million dollar initiatives will be expanded in 2023. This is expected to take the production level beyond the historic 1,008,774 kg achieved last year.

Expounding on this front, Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha shared for example that Brackish water shrimp production is one area that is poised for exponential growth. He recalled that since the beginning of the Brackish water shrimp project in 2021, over 893 acres were rehabilitated for aquaculture farming, thereby benefitting 33 aquaculture farmers.

As a result, he said Brackish water shrimp production grew by over 400% from 10,000 kg to 83,000 kg per month at the end of 2022. He said farmers were able to an estimated $1.1B in 2022.

In 2023, he said the government will be expanding the Brackish water shrimp project to increase the revenue stream for farmers. “The expansion of the project is expected to increase annual shrimp production to approximately 3,000,000 kg by 2025,” Minister Mustapha told Guyana Standard.

He said too that government will be investing $349.6 million in the expansion of the brackish water shrimp industry and the expansion of vannamei shrimp in Guyana.

As for the vannamei shrimp, he said his ministry will be developing a further 60 acres at Rose Hall and Onverwagt. This project is expected to provide employment for over 500 youths. Already, four ponds have been constructed at Onverwagt and ongoing works at Rose Hall.

Additionally, a sum of $445.2 million was approved to further expand the government’s brackish water shrimp project. While explaining the progress made thus far, Minister Mustapha said any brackish water shrimp farmer who would like to expand their operation will receive help under this project.







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