Former City Commander, Edgard Thomas again took the stand on day 21 of the ongoing Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the March 2020 General and Regional Elections. Thomas during his testimony today made startling revelations while recounting what occurred on the night of March 5 2020, during the tabulation of District Four votes.

Notably, this was the same night that Thomas was removed from his post as Commander of the City Division. Thomas previously testified that he was removed from his post and was not informed about the decision made by the then Police Commissioner, Leslie James. James later claimed that Thomas was removed as Commander because he “abandoned his post. ”

Today, Thomas recounted that he did in fact, stay around long enough to notice that there were a number of rogue elements that were a part of the team of Tactical Service Unit (TSU) ranks that were sent to clear the building on the day of the bomb threat. Thomas, at the sight of the strange ranks, testified that he believed the life of GECOM Commissioner Sase Gunraj was not safe.

“After my colleagues, police officers, would have entered the Ashmin’s Building, heavily armed, I would have said to Mr Gunraj that I could no longer protect his life and safety because I was no longer in control of their operation,” Thomas told the Commission.

Representing the interest of former Deputy Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Roxanne Myers, Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes, crossed examined Thomas, and thus used the opportunity to request from Thomas as to why he felt Commissioner Gunraj was in danger.

He responded that the heavily armed TSU ranks, including the rogue ones, had entered the building without his command. He told the Commission that while he was still somewhat in command at the Ashmins Building, he did not request support from TSU.

Thomas posited that at the time, Commissioner Gunraj was the only GECOM official that was in the Ashmin’s Building when TSU Ranks arrived, and as such, there were mounting concerns for his safety.

Hughes however pointed out that there was similarly a significant amount of chaos at the Command Center involving the Office of the Chairman of the GECOM, Justice (retired) Claudette Singh, who had earlier testified that she was fearful of being locked in a room and was later escorted out the building. Thomas responded that while there was a disruption, the situation was not a chaotic one.

“My understanding is that there was a controllable circumstance. I did not go to the upper flat of the building where the Chairman was located… What I know for sure, is that officers were placed at various aspects of the building and there were officers outside her room,” Thomas said.

Thomas was also questioned about whether he had concerns with regards to the lives of other GECOM officials and agents that were at the Command Center; even though there was a bomb threat earlier in the day.

Thomas answered that he did not feel cautious about the other agents and representatives of GECOM; even though he had earlier testified of informing Commissioner Gunraj that his safety was compromised. He was then questioned by attorney Hughes about whether there might have been an ulterior motive to clear the building. He was reluctant to say whether this was the case.


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