About 22:10 hrs last night, police ranks in Regional Division #3 acted on information received and proceeded to Pouderoyen Tarmac, West Bank Demerara, where they arrested a bartender who had in his possession, an unlicensed 9mm pistol with matching rounds of ammunition.

On arrival, the ranks made contact with Marville Barker, called ‘Kellon’, a 21-year-old Bartender of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo. A Police Sergeant told him that he had received information that he (Barker) had a firearm and ammunition on his person, and he would like to search him.

Barker did not object to the search. In the process, the Sergeant found one black suspected 9mm pistol in the front of the waist of his pants.

Police removed the magazine, where nine 9mm ammunition were found. Barker was asked if he was the holder of a firearm licence and he replied in the negative.

He was arrested and escorted to Parfaite Harmonie Police Station along with the firearm and ammunition.

The suspect is in custody and is slated to be charged soon.


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