Rene van Nes, the European Union (EU) Ambassador to Guyana has lauded the South American country for its stance on the Russia/Ukraine war and the handling of its border row with neighbouring Venezuela. Guyana’s actions could see the country being catapulted into bigger roles at the level of the United Nations (UN), the envoy said in a commentary to mark the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“We are grateful to the Guyanese government for supporting resolutions condemning Russia for its illegal annexations and a murderous war that should have no place in today’s world. Guyana may soon be well placed – as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council – to play an even more important role in promoting a rule based multilateral world order with the UN at its centre,” the envoy said.

He also noted that Guyana must be commended for the way it is handling its own territorial dispute by putting its trust in the international mechanisms to deal with conflicts of such nature.

The ambassador noted that while the conflict between Russia and Ukraine may seem distant to Guyana, it has direct consequences for the country. He said that the destabilization of the international order and food and energy markets has affected the Caribbean region, leading to food insecurity, inflation, and disruption of supply chains in key markets.

In response to the threat of food insecurity and poverty created by Russia, the European Union has strengthened its partnership with countries of the South, including Guyana, in the fields of health, education, and agriculture.

The EU has expressed its admiration for the Ukrainian people who have been fighting for their right to independence, territorial integrity, and for their basic human right to live in peace and security.

“The EU will continue to support Ukraine with financial, humanitarian, military, and energy support, and they count on the support of Guyana to stand with them in defending human rights and condemning Russian aggression,” the ambassador noted.


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